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Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Brandon Antwan Elijah Peoples held a deep interest in music from the young age of 7. Adapting with time, his passion delved deeper into hip hop’s roots, finding inspiration in timeless artists such as J Cole, Busta Rhymes, Ice Cube, Nipsey Hustle, Ashanti, and Aaliyah. Once his focus aligned with his dreams of being an artist, Brandon became the generation’s most viable candidate for future icon, Yung Bookie Da Name. His unique alias came as an ode to the Arizona entertainment legend, Brian “Bookie” Matthews after their friendship built a bond between creatives.


Now 18, Yung Bookie Da Name has become a local and international sensation with trendy hits like “Go To War” and “FastLane” that show his limitless ceiling of versatility as a rapper and songwriter capable of blending lyrical images with melodic vocals. He effortlessly delivers musical works of art depicting the pinnacle of hip hop sound with his style of rap that gives nostalgia outside of todays’ vanity driven culture.


His upcoming summer smash hit, “Honeysuckle” is everything fans would need to turn up at any event to have a memorable summer experience. The single is one of, if not the most anticipated and hyped tracks for release, even gaining the spotlight record of the week on Phoenix, Arizona’s own Power 98, prior to the singles release. That in itself speaks to the level of love and appreciation the music community has for Yung Bookie Da Name’s craft. Promised to be an up-tempo euphoric type of track, fans are primed to get their dance on, vibing to the feel-good melodies of the Arizona artist.


Yung Bookie Da Name has done well building his brand. Look out for his name and new single, Honeysuckle,” to be all that’s talked about this coming summer.

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